Often asked interstate removal questions

-          How far in advance should I book my removal?

The answer is not quite straight forward most times of the year, 2-3 weeks is ample but over the December January period 3 -5 weeks is advisable due to increase in demand.

-          Should I book my removalist first or flight first?

I would suggest booking the removalist first, then working flight around that date. The removalist can not always work around your flight date but there are generally many flight days and times.

-          What is backloading?

Again, definitions can vary but generally it means that your furniture will go with other peoples in the same truck, thereby sharing the cost of the trip. You only pay for the space that your furniture occupies occupy.

-          How is the cost of interstate travel worked out?

Not a simple question, but simply explained the cost depends on how much furniture you have to move. A 3-bedroom home will be more expensive than a 1-bedroom to move. The cost is worked out on volume or cubic metres. This is how much space you furniture take up in the truck. Factors like distance and access also play apart.

-          Can I move 1 or 2 items?


Yes you can but the cost can work out expensive as most removalist have a minimum regardless of items otherwise it become unfeasible cost wise.


Feel free to ask your questions directly when inquiry about a quote we are always happy to clarify any details.